For 3.1 million or 15% of Australia’s population (those under 12 years old aka Generation Z):

April 2, 2007

         1. Australia has always had colour television

2. Cut and paste has never involved scissors

3. Heart-lung transplants have always been possible

4. The internet has always existed

5. Computers access has always been readily available

6. Bill Gates has always been worth a billion dollars

7. Kentucky Fried Chicken has always been known as KFC

8. Snowboarding has always been a popular winter pastime

9. The Hubble telescope has always been focused on new frontiers

10. The Simpson’s have always been on television

11. Digital cameras have always existed

12. The Soviet Union has never existed

13. There has always only been one Germany

14. They have never seen a typewriter in use

15. They are wireless, yet always connected

16. Smoking has never been permitted on airplanes

17. Faxing is an old fashioned means of communication

18. “Google” has always been a verb

19. Bar codes have always been on everything

20. Reality shows have always been on television

21. Young women’s fashion have never been concerned with where their waist is

22. They have rarely mailed anything using a stamp

23. Being techno savvy has always been inversely proportional to age

24. They have always been able to watch wars live on television

25. Phones have always been cordless

26. Green tea has always been marketed as a health drink

27. They have always preferred going out in groups rather than on dates

28. Television stations never closed at the end of each day

29. There have always been live organ donors