A whole new meaning to "power dressing"

Nanotechnology researchers are developing the perfect complement to the power tie: a “power shirt” able to generate electricity to power small electronic devices for soldiers in the field, hikers and others whose physical motion could be harnessed and converted to electrical energy.

full story @ http://www.physorg.com/news122129780.html”


Morris’s thoughts:

This technology may be the DNA of future small personal appliance power supplies and its not so much whether this will ever work and become mainstream it’s the notion that we are looking for alternate ways to fuel our carry around devices.

There’s been a lot of buzz around utilitarian uses for clothing.

Power generation is one, but there’s also clothing that monitors your vital health signs, clothing with built in GPS and clothing that cools or heats your body based on constant biometric readings.

Many clothing designers are already experimenting with form and function, working with new age clothing materials to construct functional and fashionable clothing.


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