Yahoo speaks up for open search

Yahoo will open up its mobile search to third-party content providers and let users search just by saying a term or asking a question.

Click here for full article

Morris Miselowski’s thoughts:

This is the canary in the cage, from stage, in my writings and in my consultancy I have been heralding the coming of voice activated search (and computing) and comparing what we are currently doing to the pre Windows, pre mouse days when we used specific DOS command lines to activate programs and features.

This new advent, one of many, will allow us to interact with our technology and drive it by conversation rather than perspiration.

This incarnation by Yahoo returns text based results, but it won’t be long until my on line assistant Zac moves form being an on stage performance piece to an everyday reality that I am use as a conduit to the on line world (if your not familiar with Zac the Dog then you’ve got to catch my demo at one of my upcoming presentations).


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