The Power of the Blog


If there was any doubt about the power of the blog and social networking, it is now dispelled.

Generacion Y – is a Cuban based blog that has recently sprung up as a result of Cuba relaxing its laws to allow locals to own computers, buy computers and enter hotels.

Only in the last month have Cuban’s been allowed to own computers and have internet access and as this technology slowly makes its way into Cuban homes, some have turned to another new found freedom – the right to enter hotels and pay $6.00 per hour to use internet kiosks to tell their story and discover the outside world (the average Cuban earns $20 pr month)

This firsthand insight into the life of Cuba is fascinating and the power of the internet confirmed as we discover that much of what Yoani Sanchez, Genercion Y’s author, finds out about the changes in Cuba, is discovered on the internet.


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