How Google Fuels Its Idea Factory


In this article Eric Schmidt Google’s CEO gives insights into Google’s innovation culture

  • Do companies have to manage innovation differently in a downturn?
  • Can other companies emulate Google’s famous model of letting engineers spend about 20% of their time on projects outside their main job?
  • Why aren’t many other companies doing this, too?
  • What obstacles does Google face in continuing to innovate?
  • How does Google make sure it’s producing innovations that change the game enough to create big new markets but also continue to appeal to its main customers, who might not want so much disruption?
  • How do you make sure all these Google engineering projects actually turn into useful services?
  • Can innovation really be managed, or is it a case where you have to keep the company and its managers out of the way?

Link to full article

Morris Miselowski thoughts:

A fascinating article into the innovation culture of Google and the bit I love the best is that innovation is in the DNA of Google, it is not just some fancy temporary fad they are toying with.

If we accept that innovation is now an integral partner in our business, and that there is 100 years of change coming in the next 10 years then we need to find a way to internalise change into our organisations and make it a welcome friend.

Platitudes, seminars and glib promises aren’t going to cut it in the long term.

The companies that I work with that truly embrace innovation realise that innovation is achieved by incremental small changes achieved through honest appraisal of the businesses core strengths and the future need of that strength and then making small real time changes that reflect changing best practice.


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