Mirror mirror on the wall, does my bum look big in this?


Another brand-new technology application, introduced by the Manhattan interactive design firm Icon Nicholson, is the Magic Mirror, a device that can turn any solo shopping trip into “social retailing.”

In Icon Nicholson’s future, after a shopper has picked out some clothing, they hop into a dressing room equipped with the Magic Mirror and begin live streaming to the Internet as they try on each outfit.

Next, friends and family can check out the shopper’s selections and comment, without ever being in the store. The mirror may be able to bridge the gap between fashion and the popular realm of social networking.

“Someone walks in the store and they interact with the mirror. That’s part of our social retailing system,” said Joseph Olewitz of Icon Nicholson. “They tell it to ‘Invite my friends.’ The system invites their friends, and their friends participate remotely via live real-time video.”

Full article by BECKY WORLEY and LEE FERRAN


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