3AW’s Mark Holden and Morris discuss music social networking sites

March 25, 2009

In their regular weekly segment Mark and Morris discuss online social networking sites including imeem.com, bebo and others as well as announce the competition winner for Morris’ one day What, Why, Wow and How of Business Social Media, . Recorded live 25 March 09.

What’s ahead for 2009 – 6PR Radio Interview

March 21, 2009

tod-johnston-6prIn this weeks segment 6PR’s Tod Johnson and Morris Miselowski discuss what’s ahead for 2009, the ever increasing pace of online life driven by Twitter and Facebook, the economy and much more including an extraordinary testimonial (thanks Tod) Recorded live 21 March 09.

Twitter meets its cartoon match

March 20, 2009

Click here to watch the funniest and cleverest Twitter “take-off'” I’ve seen. Take a couple of minutes to kick back and enjoy.

3AW’s Denis Walter and Morris discuss online business services

March 18, 2009

In their regular weekly segment Denis and Morris discuss online business services and the way to source business services at a great recession busitng price. These include namethis.com an on line community that will put their collective minds together to come up with a new name for your product or service, or try 99designs for a community of designers who’ll come up with the perfect look for you, or elance to track down a service provider, like copywriters, programmers, designers and others at great prices, and many others, as well as answering callers questions. Recorded live 18 March 09.

Cheap on line service providers and money makers – 6PR radio interview

March 15, 2009

In this weeks segment 6PR’s Tod Johnson and Morris Miselowski discuss some great on line sites like elance.com, 99designs.com, threadless.com, namethis.com and others as great ways to buy services from around the world and great ways to make some extra money as well as some rad online learning sites like slideshare.com and others. Recorded live 15 March 09.

What’s your customer thinking about in 2009

March 12, 2009

customer_strategy_forecastDownload a copy of “The Forecast” an industry sector-by-sector guide to the strategies organisations will need now and in the future to gain a greater understanding of their customers’ needs during these tough times and to be in the best possible place for when the recovery comes.

Industries include: Leisure and Tourism, Public Sector, Automotive, Services, Telecoms, Utilities, Transport and Retail – a great insight into how these industries might evolve, and even though it’s UK centric, there are still great universal learning’s.

Click on the link below to download.


3AW’s Denis Walter and Morris discuss Twitter

March 11, 2009

In their regular weekly segment Denis and Morris discuss social media, twitter, the fact that 1 minute in every 10 spent on line is now spent on a social networking site and social networking is larger on line than emails and take callers questions. Recorded live 11 March 09.

The Future of Work – Radio 6PR Perth

March 7, 2009

In this weeks segment Jason Jordan of Perth’s 6PR and Morris chat about the changing workplace, a survey that reveals that people spend 4 hours a day actually WORKING, in and outsourcing, the price of an IT worker in India, great websites like 99designs and so much more… Recorded live 7 March 2009

The Breakfast Club Radio ABC International

March 6, 2009

Morris joins the breakfast crew to talk to expat Aussies around the world about mobile phones, new and weird apps and much more. Recorded Live 6 March 2009

3AW’s Denis Walter and Morris Miselowski discuss the future of mobile phones part 2

March 4, 2009

In this regular weekly segment Denis and Morris talk about the future of mobile phones part 2, and chat about what the mobile of the future will be and look like, new gadgets and gizmo’s, the top secret President Obama phone and take listeners calls. Recorded live at the Eureka Sky Deck 4 March 2009.