Tomorrow’s House and Retail World- 6PR Radio Interview

April 28, 2009

Morris joins the cast on Perth’s 6PR Sunday Cafe and in their maiden discussion he and Brendon Weselman talk about the house of tomorrow, new appliances and gadgets, robots, intuitive living, and how the retail shops will know who you are and what you want as soon as you step through their doors, before talking about Morris’ view on the Australian economy over the next two years. Recorded live 26 April 2009.

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Think it, don’t type it!

April 20, 2009

Early on the afternoon of April 1, Adam Wilson posted a message to Twitter. But instead of using his hands to type, the University of Wisconsin biomedical engineer used his brain. “USING EEG TO SEND TWEET,” he thought.

That message may be a modern equivalent of Alexander Graham Bell’s “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” Brain-computer interfaces are no longer just a gee-whiz technology, but a platform for researchers interested in immediate real-world applications for people who can think, but can’t move.

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Wearable interactive projector – your own minority report on steroids

April 8, 2009

This demo — from Pattie Maes’ lab at MIT — was the buzz of TED. It’s a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine “Minority Report” and then some.I’ve been talking about this device for few years now and it is the forerunner of a whole set of new mainstream devices that will see over the next 5 -1 0 years.

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Siftables, the smart blocks

April 2, 2009

watch this for a new twist on engaging with technology – so easy even a child could do it!

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3AW’s Denis Walter and Morris discuss the cure for Recessionitis

April 1, 2009

In their regular weekly segment Denis and Morris discuss how to vaccinate a business against Recessionitis (the doom and gloom that the recession means all businesses are inherently bad and there’s nothing you can do that will make a difference) and look at industries and professions that are still going strong despite the recession and will continue to flourish into the future; as well as take lot’s of listeners positive business stories Recorded live 1 April 09.