ABC Radio Interview – Terminate all Californian school books

June 28, 2009


In this week’s ABC Radio interview Alan Brough and Morris Miselowski talk about Governor Schwarzenneger’s new legislation to ban all paper based Science and Maths books in Californian schools and replace them with e-books.

Morris and Alan then go on to discuss the future of education, the newest reading related gadgets and generally what’s ahead for students.

Recorded Live 27 June 2009, running time 20 minutes 30 seconds.

ABC International Radio – Tech Spot

June 5, 2009

breakfastclubIn this weeks tech spot on Radio ABC’s International Breakfast Club, Morris discusses the announcement of Google Wave – Google’s replacement for everything communication on line and a story that has just broken and is sure to gain momentum the U.S. Inquiry Into Hiring at High-Tech Companies where the Justice Department has begun an investigation into whether the recruiting practices of some of the largest technology companies violated antitrust laws, companies include Google, Yahoo, Apple and Genentech.