6PR Radio Interview – Retail Store of the Future

July 24, 2009

PrintIn this segment Morris and Brendon from 6PR’s Sunday Cafe radio show discuss the retail store of the future and Morris’s vision of a retail experience that starts at home, follows you into the store via your mobile phone and in store can personalise the shopping experience for you. What’s ahead over the next decade is an evolution in the way we shop, what we shop for and the shop itself. This segment is a lead up to Retail Expo’s the Retail 2020 Store of the Future exhibition that Morris is curating in Melbourne form the 11th – 13th August 2009

ABC International Radio – Tech Spot 24 July

July 24, 2009

gallery_iphoneIn this weeks segment we chat about Amazon.com’s acquisition of Zappos.com for $847 million (who I think is one of the best online retailers of all time), Britain’s National Gallery offering its art on the iPhone, Microsoft announcement that windows 7 is finished cooking, before finsihing up with a discussion of the Tech jobs that cloud computing will eliminate over the next decade and what are the jobs of the future?

ABC International Radio – Tech Spot – 17 July

July 17, 2009

teenagerIn this weeks segment we chat about Apple’s touch screen netbook to launch in October (the worst kept industry secret), China to get the iPhone without WI Fi and Microsoft takes on Google Office with its own free online offering and retail stores, before exploring a UK teenagers ad hoc handwritten comment of what he thinks of social media and who is actually using it – and here’s a clue it’s not him or his friends.

ABC International Radio – Morris’s Tech Spot

July 10, 2009

computer zombieIn this weeks segment Morris Miselowski and Phil and Adelaine from ABC Radio International Breakfast Club discuss the top gadget of the last 50 years as voted by T3 magazine, zombie computers, on line safety and more. Recorded live 10 July 09