ABC International – Today Show

August 28, 2009

breakfastclubMy debut as a regular co-host with Phil and Adelaine for the tech / future segment on Radio Australia’s new format Today show. In this segment we cover new tech news, news of the future, trends and more, as well as chat with with Jeremy Wagner in Singapore and Phil in Hong Kong. In this weeks segment we discussed new nano technology medicines, augmented reality inside a contact lens, the world’s top ten most fibre broadband-enabled countries, blabbing on line could tip off the taxman and 25 years since the 1st domain name was registered, as well as a lot of laughs and conversations. (No audio)

Singularity explained

August 26, 2009

Most intriguing insight of the time when humans and machines catch up in their intelligence and abilities – where to from there?

ABC Radio Australia – Tech Spot

August 14, 2009

radioAustraliaIn this week’s extended segment Morris chat’s about China Unicom buying 5 million iPhones ready for launch of the iPhone into China in September; Samsung unveils cameras with two screens; IBM’s original 5150 model is 28 years old today and, where every day Jason gets paid to wears one shirt from one company and in return posts his image on YouTube, Twitter, Ustream; the extended interview continues with an in studio chat between Phil, Adelaine and Hong Kong radio about the good, the bad and the ugly of this week’s tech spot. Recorded live 14 August 2009.

Channel 10’s – 9 am with David and Kim

August 13, 2009

Morris recently did a live broadcast from Retail Expo 2009’s Store of the Future Exhibition, where he took Ann-Maree Biggar through the retail store of tomorrow, showing her and the viewing audience magic mirrors, avatars, tomorrow’s supermarkets and talking about the year 2020’s shopping habits and much more. Recorded live 13 August 2009

The Future of Advertising

August 11, 2009

advertisingI was recently invited to be on a panel discussing the future of advertising.

The discussion started well with us all agreeing that there was a shift online for some of the ad spend, but when it came to how much and how far we parted ways dramatically.

It seems self evident to me that advertising will have to evolve, the consumer is now in constant on mode and they decide when they want to be informed as well as how, when and where.

Many consumers know they hold the power in the equation, they can go into a store and inside that store reach out to competitor stores to find out what’s around them; the stores of tomorrow are going to offer different more personalised messages and relevant only to a population of 1 – that consumer.

My argument is not that advertising and promotion are going to disappear, far from it it will flourish; my argument is that it will be significantly different, in so many fundamental ways from what is being practiced today, anyway listen in and see what you think…. (it’s a bit scratchy to begin with, but the audio quality improves about 1 minute in)

ABC Radio Australia – Retail of the Future

August 10, 2009

2020_storeIn this weeks interview Phil, Adelaine and Morris chat about the retail store of the Future. The store that will recognise you, welcome you, allow you to remotely access your home to get your shopping list, take that shopping list and guide you around the store and then let you use your electronic purse to pay without ever stopping at the cash register and there’s plenty more, including a magic mirror that tries clothes on for you, so listen in to hear about tomorrow’s retail world. Recorded live 10th August 2009.