The Future of Advertising

advertisingI was recently invited to be on a panel discussing the future of advertising.

The discussion started well with us all agreeing that there was a shift online for some of the ad spend, but when it came to how much and how far we parted ways dramatically.

It seems self evident to me that advertising will have to evolve, the consumer is now in constant on mode and they decide when they want to be informed as well as how, when and where.

Many consumers know they hold the power in the equation, they can go into a store and inside that store reach out to competitor stores to find out what’s around them; the stores of tomorrow are going to offer different more personalised messages and relevant only to a population of 1 – that consumer.

My argument is not that advertising and promotion are going to disappear, far from it it will flourish; my argument is that it will be significantly different, in so many fundamental ways from what is being practiced today, anyway listen in and see what you think…. (it’s a bit scratchy to begin with, but the audio quality improves about 1 minute in)

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