Radio ABC International – Today Show

September 25, 2009

sidewikiClick below to listen to this weeks live recorded segment where in-studio Zulifikar, Adelaine and Morris Miselowski discuss Google new side wiki, Picasa gets face recognition, 12Seconds launches new iPhone app, my website of the week: and fabrics that fight germs and find explosives as well as crosses to Singapore to speak with Jeremy and Hong Kong to catch up with Phil, and listen to hear last weeks studio gremlins make a brief appearance. Recorded live 25 Sept 09

Virtual Reality – the 6PR interview

September 19, 2009

300-million-usersIn this semi regular spot Morris catches up with Jason Jordan of Perth’s radio 6PR to discuss FaceBook’s 300 million online users,the future of social networking and the rise of virtual reality. Recorded live 19 September 2009.

ABC International – Today Show

September 18, 2009

virtual-reality-3Click below to listen to this weeks segment where in-studio mayhem rules and gremlins abound. Something was definitely in the air in the studio this week as we set out on another futuristic segment discussing tech and what’s ahead. Connections were lost, earphones echoed and behind the scenes well… despite all of this we caught up with Jeremy in Singapore and spoke about Google getting into book printing and Social networks replacing email, returning to the studio for more recent news and then heading off to Phil in Hong Kong to meander through facebooks announcing its cash flow positive with 300 million users per month online, virtual reality, twitterers being twits, and lots of laughs along the way, all in all despite the glitches a great segment. Recorded live 18 Sept 09

ABC International – Today Show

September 11, 2009

beatles This weeks segment on radio ABC International Today Morris , Adelaine and Phil discuss the recent release of the re-digitised Beatles albums, with Phil insisting we take a quiz to see if we can tell the difference, talk about the Beatles playing in your lounge room, before going across to Hong Kong and speaking with Phil Whelan, Radio RTHK Hong Kong about living to 120, medical advances in aging, rideshare, taking more Beatles quiz’s and much more and the word of the week is cormorant. Recorded live 11 September 2009.

ABC International – Today Show

September 4, 2009

cov_memoryThis weeks future segment discussed apps that find Local Rideshares Quickly via Mobile Phone, crowd sourcing businesses – online entrepreneur is harnessing the power of Twitter to generate new ideas, the ASUS new folding e-book reader and memories existing long after we think we’ve forgotten them, as well as crossing to Singapore, Hong Kong for some great stories, insights, conversations and more (no audio)