The Weekender – 6PR Radio – Morris’s predictions for 2010

December 27, 2009

2010 is set to be a year pregnant with promise and possibilities, but with some difficulties nevertheless.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. There will certainly be a couple of interest rate hikes (1.5% – 2.0%) over the next 12 months; the Australian economy will for the first time in a couple of years have no large government handouts or stimulus packages, some American and European loans that have a similar bad odour to that of the sub prime interest rate debacle will fall due in the latter half of 2010 and a South Australian, Tasmanian, Victorian and possibly Federal election are all on the horizon. This cocktail will subdue, but not stymie, consumer confidence and the economy.

Next year will definitely continue to see the rise and rise of technology the iPhone, Googles Android and Googles own mobile handsets will storm along with new apps, features and possibilities abounding. This will also be the era that ushers in the notion of apps or software accessories being readily available for hardware and within the next few short years expect every piece of hardware – phones, computers, televisions, cameras, toasters, fridges to come with their own apps store.

3D, virtual and augmented worlds will come into their own and although they will not dominate the online world, yet, they will begin to make their presence felt as we build to a mainstream acceptance of these new rich features. Our expectations soon will be that we receive real time in-situ information about where we are, what and who’s around us and what we can do between here and wherever we are headed.

Although we have chosen to have our devices merge into one, their is an interesting side show happening where a raft of stand alone technologies are emerging – these include e-readers and flip cameras (small high definition video recorders). It will be interesting to see if we take to these devices or prefer the single united divergent technology – my betting is on all for one and one for all; and whilst we’re betting look out for Apple’s next killer piece of hardware the new iSlate tablet PC.

These were some of the predictions Morris and Todd Johnson of Perth’s radio station 6PR discussed this week in their weekly segment. Recorded live 27th December 2009.

The Weekender – Perth Radio 6PR

December 20, 2009

Todd Johnson of 6PR Perth and Morris reprise their weekly future segment as this week they talk about the best of tech 2009, including Twitter, iPhone apps and Google phones before moving on to Santa and Christmas and how to find him on line. Recorded live 20 December 2009.

Radio ABC International – Today Show – Future Tech Segment

December 18, 2009

Australia’s desire to start banning websites and restrict acess to others is on Phil Whelan’s of Hong Kong radio’s mind this week, before he, Morris, Phil Kafcaloudes, Adelaine Ng wrap up the final show of the year with Christmas tech, sites and more. Recorded live 18 Dec 2009.

Christmas On Line

December 17, 2009

Even Santa’s turning to the internet this year to help him out.

Here’s some interesting sites and bits and bobs for the holiday season, and be sure to add you own to the list

Want to track Santa as he flied across the globe then there’s no better site then Norad’s

Free animated e-cards starring you can be found at JibJab is the oldest Christmas website on line.

Want to hear Christmas songs then go Christmas radio
For games and fun try Santa Games, or my merry christmas.

Want to brush up on your traditions and customs then try why Christmas or for a history of Santa and Christmas go to How Stuff Works.

How about seeing how the other half celebarte Christmas take a peep through some of these webcams.

What’s your favourites?

It’s a virtual world – 6PR radio interview

December 16, 2009

Morris Miselowski catches up with Perth radio 6PR’s Jason Jordan to chat about the rise and rise of Augmented Reality apps, web applications and mainstream media uses. Recorded live 16 December 2009.