The Weekender – 6PR Radio – 14 February 2010

This week I caught up with Harvey Deegan of Perth radio’s 6PR to chat about sending virtual roses and chocolates for Valentines Day, after all it is Valentine’s Day.

This small gesture is adding up to a growing trend of people sending virtual gifts to each other through their social networks and an industry that this year in the United States alone will turnover USD$1 billion and in the next 3 years will grow to become a USD$15 billion industry. Social networks like China’s QQ (China’s and arguably the world’s largest online social network) are already turning over $700 million profit per year from virtual sales.

The conversation then moves on to talk about Google Buzz, tweeting dogs and what a business futurist actually does to fill in his day.

Listen now to this segment or listen live each Sunday at around 3.35 p.m. (Aust EST) or 12.35 (Aust WST). For regular Future insights join me on Twitter.

Recorded live 14th February 2010.


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