The Weekender – 6PR Radio – 21 February 2010

On line security seems to be the buzz this week with lot’s of articles and stories all leading to the same place – am I safe on line?

Harvey Deegan, of 6PR radio, and I picked up on some of these themes talking about Please Rob Me a site that takes twitter feeds and fouresquare location based feeds blends them together to get a live feed of people who are away from their home’s and office’s.

Our next discussion point was an American story of a Philadelphia school placing active webcams in students laptops, as a safety measure if they were ever stolen (allowing them to take a picture of the thief). Of course this backfired, the shot taken was not of a thief but a student who hadn’t notified that his laptop was stolen and was then accused of taking drugs (as evidenced in the photo they took), whilst he claims he was eating lollies.

The follow on story was of a student posting a Facebook comment that said her teacher was the worst teacher she had ever had. This got her suspended from school, which got the school into court, where the court said the student had the 1st amendment right to state her opinion and forced the school to lift her suspension.

Technology, dating back to the invention of fire, has always been a dual edged blessing. Technology is an inanimate object waiting for us to come along and breathe life into it. We then choose whether to use it for niceness or evilness.

Listen to this live segment now, or join us live each Sunday at around 12.35 (Aust EST) 3.35 (Aust WST) and for in between stuff follow me on Twitter (MrFuture).

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