Radio ABC – Future Tech Segment – 26 February 2010

Creating your own electricity at home started Phil, Adelaine and my on air discussion this week on our ABC Australia Today program.

We chatted our way through Bloom Box’s new technology which will, when it comes to market in aprox 5 years, be the size of a grapefruit, cost US$3,000 and create all the energy your home or office needs 24/7.

The Future of Fashion parades is one step closer with a number of the world’s leading fashion designers, including Dolce and Gabbana, live streaming their New York and Milan Fall runway shows to iPhones and other mobile devices and Vogue, the fashion magazine, releasing an iPhone app that lets you zap their print ad with your mobile phone to upload images of the latest fashion to your phone as well as take and upload pictures of your current wardrobe and then compare the two with the outcome being an online shopping spree for whatever’s missing and takes your fancy.

For the last decade I have envisioned, spoken and written about how retail would evolve and now PlaceCast has brought this dream one step closer, by producing a location based mobile app that recognises you and your buying habits and sends you promotional materials as you walk past retailers that yuo have opted in to hear from.

It may sound like a nuisance now, but this electronic spruiker is part of the retailers new arsenal of communication tools that will allow you to decide who you want to hear from and what you want to hear about and then in real time and in situ receive meaningful promotion and information contacts.

All this, competitions to guess iTunes most popular song as it celebrated it’s 1 billionth download and the word of the week – Brummagen – as well as numerous unsuccessful attempts to link to Hong Kong radio was some of the mischief that abounded in this weeks segment.

Listen live each Friday @ 12.20 p.m. (Aust EST) and for regular updates from the Future be sure to follow my Twitter updates.

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