The Weekender – 6PR Radio – 28 February 2010

The average Australian spends seven (7) hours per month in social networks, whilst the rest of the world spend 5.5 hours.

This triggered the on air chat between Morris and Harvey Deegan of Perth’s 6PR of what social networking is and why it’s here to stay.

We had a look at where social networking has taken us and where its going including the notion of CrowdSourcing, and communal input with websites and mobile apps like Trapster, FourSquare growing by the hour.

With the time remaining we took a look at this week’s announcement by Bloom Box of a new affordable home based energy generator; iTunes 10 billionth download and what’s new in fashion shows and retailers.

Listen to this live segment now, or join us live each Sunday at around 12.35 (Aust EST) 3.35 (Aust WST) and for in between stuff follow me on Twitter (MrFuture).


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