ABC Radio Australia – FutureTech Segment – 28 May 2010

May 28, 2010

FaceBook and iPad led our on air discussion this week as we kicked off with an interview with Joe Dee the founder of Quit FaceBook day as we explored his thoughts and impetus on crowdsourcing a large anti FaceBook contingent to quit facebook in protest of its privacy settings and information sharing . I’m still not convinced that quitting is the answer to getting better privacy settings, but lets’ see what happens.

iPad then took over the discussion on the day that Australia had its first sales and Phil, Adelaine and studio guests took my newest Apple gadget for a test spin. With Phil Whelan on RTHK3 Hong Kong radio joining us there we picked up the conversation around Google TV, discussed the sad news of 10 suicides at a China based mobile technology manufacturers complex and a myriad of other tech and future rantings.

Word of the week, song of the week and a sad farewell to our long time co-presenter Adelaine Ng were also part of this weeks discussion.

Listen to this segment now, or listen each Friday at 11.20 a.m. (Aust EST) and join me on Twitter for in between news and views from the future.

Scientist Infects Himself with a Computer Virus- why? because you can

May 28, 2010

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FaceBook’s view on privacy

May 27, 2010

Have a listen to FaceBook’s response to the security concerns that seem to be plaguing them lately and also a look at CNET’s tour of how to navigate and set your new FaceBook privacy settings and let me know where you sit on this and the join in on the debate with Joe DEE founder of the Quit FaceBook Day as he joins us on my FutureTech segment on ABC Australia this morning @ 11.20 (Aust EST) to continue the conversation.

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Radio ABC – FutureTech Segment – 7 May 2010

May 7, 2010

Should you SMS during sex, was where we started this weeks on air discussion between Phil, guest co-hosts Sally and Danny Gorog and me before asking the other important questions – should you friend your kids online and are teens becoming techno hermits?

Lot’s of talk about the new iPad (much to Phil’s and the ABC’s consternation of constant brand naming), the iPhone, great file sharing programs, advice on mobile phone selections, word of the week, the UK election result updates all abound as we join Phil Whelan on RTHK3 Hong Kong radio and work our way through another week looking at the Future and talking about Tech.

Listen to this segment now, or listen each Friday at 11.20 a.m. (Aust EST) and join me on Twitter for in between news and views from the future.

The Entire “Star Wars” Saga Told in Less Than 3 Minutes… with Legos

May 6, 2010

This may not be about the future, but it’s definitely about my past and very well done.

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The technological sins of a father visited on his children

May 3, 2010

I’m kinda in the dog house this morning with my children (so what’s new?). I was quoted this morning in the Melbourne Herald Sun as an advocate for giving children access to technology in their bedrooms and my doghouse situation is caused by the picture on the left of my son in his bedroom that he is most displeased with; not because of the staged over technology stuffed photo, but the unwanted notoriety that it is likely to bring him with his mates.

My stand on giving children monitored, deliberate, but ready access to technology is not a new point of view for me as I am well-known for my belief that our fear around technology and granting children equitable access to it is more often based on an adults fear and lack of understanding and lack of perceived control over it.

My stand here is not to give it to them to overindulge them; it is to teach them from a very early age that technology is merely a tool with which to achieve an end.

This is not part of a subversive argument to curtail family time, or grow room bound zombies with anti social non responsive behaviours (which as far as I can tell is part of the teenagers evolution anyway), but rather a belief that grounding them in a holistic upbringing where family values, socialisation, education, outdoor recreation, sports, technology, ethics and social and self-responsibility all can co-exist harmoniously in their world.

This solid early grounding allows them to have firm roots as they reach for the moon and stars to fulfil their potential.

I don’t understand how we can deny our children / young adults access to something so integral to their future. In their world they will live to over 100. They will have 6 distinct careers and 14 different employers. It is world where they will experience 100 years of technological change every 10 years and work in professions we can not even begin to imagine today. We can not send them into this world under-skilled and fearful.

Schools can and do achieve much, but it is at home where we have to ground our children and make them ready for this future world.

It is up to each parent to ensure that their child has the confidence, strategies, tactics and coping mechanisms that will allow them to readily respond to tomorrow’s challenges and grab eagerly for each opportunity.

Extract of article reprinted from Herald Sun Tuesday 4th May 2010 Page 19: