ABC Radio Australia – FutureTech Segment – 4 June 2010

A heated debate on computer recycling and whose responsibility it is started this weeks on-air discussion between Phil and Sally of ABC Radio Australia, Danny Gorog guest co host and myself.

This soon moved into the next big debate about online privacy and Facebook and again who is responsible for that (my shortcut answer is we are and that we should only ever post something online that we are comfortable shouting in a busy off-line marketplace).

This then quickly moved across to a discussion with Phil on Hong Kong radio where we picked up the threads of Facebook privacy before changing tact and talking about some great medical innovation over the last few weeks including a patient leaving hospital with an artificial heart and the announcement that it may soon be possible to regrow our own teeth in only a few short weeks. We even had time to fit in a quick chat on a scientist who infected himself with a computer virus.

Great segment, interesting debates, word of the week and the usual laughs and mayhem all made up this weeks very diverse segment.

Listen to this segment now, or listen each Friday at 11.20 a.m. (Aust EST) and join me on Twitter for in between news and views from the future.


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