ABC Radio Australia – FutureTech Segment – 11 June 2010

June 11, 2010

Foxconn the China based technology manufacturer that has had a spate of workers suicides over the past few months has threatened to close their China factory and move to Vietnam and leave 800,000 Chinese workers unemployed – this disturbing dummy spit leads the segment and our discussion between Phil and Barbara of the ABC Today program, my friend and guest this week Donna Hanson (the technology translator) and me. As you’ll hear my take on this is it is posturing by the firm and their way of telling the world to stop picking on us or we’ll take out bat and ball and go and play somewhere else.

The launch of iPhone 4 of course takes up some air time as Donna and I run through the features and benefits of the new stuff, before we turn our attention to National Cyber Security week and a timely reminder of why we need to be careful on and off line.

Hong Kong Phil joins us and tests Donna’s mettle by asking her to translate what a transmogrifier is, before we move on to talk about tech news of the week.

Great segment, interesting guests the usual laughs and mayhem all made up this weeks very interesting segment.

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