A Dose of Virtual Reality

Do you remember Second Life? It’s a virtual world where people could live, fall in love, go to concerts — in fact do anything we do in the real world. I often wondered what was so wrong with the real world that people wanted to go there. And apparently some people still use it — perhaps they’re lost and can’t find their way out.

In today’s BTalk Phil Dobbie and I talk about how virtual worlds can actually be useful for business. We also talk about the idea of augmented reality, which is more likely to have traction and influence how products are bought and sold. It’s something that is likely to impact the way most businesses interact with their customer — and it’s already started to happen.

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One Response to A Dose of Virtual Reality

  1. barryshuler says:

    Hi Morris, I liked your podcast on A Dose of Virtual Reality. I just tried leaving a reply, but site had problems in the middle of it. I think you are right on point with the things you said. I am particularly excited when I see virtual reality topics. I just published a book, Virtual Travel: Embrace or Expire.

    It is about how virtual reality will be applied to travel, both leisure and business in a big way, for an “exactly as if you were there” experience in the next 20-30 years. It is also about the impact, not only on the travel industry, but many other seemingly unrelated industries. It also talks about how the physical world is likely to change once virtual travel becomes realistic and affordable. Finally, the way we live our lives, aside from just when we “travel” will be dramatically impacted. Please join me on my BLOG at:


    And please, check out the book. I think you and your readers and listeners might enjoy it!

    Barry Shuler

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