A webby appy xmas

In this week’s radio segments we take a look at just some of the many Christmas websites and apps out there, why not add yours to the list:


Track Santa online and on Google maps from 24th Dec

Get an email from Santa

Get a video of Santa checking whether you’re naughty or nice

How about you starring in a video with Santa

Find out if you’re on Santa’s good list or not

Oldest online Christmas site

Christmas radio

the gift of charity -micro financing loans give so that they can create

online charities to donate to

iPhone and iPad apps:

Donation connect – iPhone app

Appychristmas – take photos and edit them against Xmas themed backgrounds – email and Facebook outputs

Christmas greetings free – 50 plus Christmas greetings to sms or email

Reindeers 1.0 – iPad only interactive storyboard and stickers features moveable stickers, animation, beautifully illustrated pages, holiday music and a complete story narration with sound effects

Christmas calendar countdown – keep unlocking secrets and keep a track on your gift ideas for a particular person. It also includes a Xmas Day Countdown, a calendar full of surprises, Christmas jokes, Christmas songs and a bunch of wallpapers.

Android apps:

Christmas ringtones – (android phone)

Christmas list pro – (android phone) Gift Tracking by Person, Gift Cost Tracking and Cost Summary (free and paid version $1.99)

Christmas shopper pro (android) list people from your contacts and add a gift to each person, view the entire shopping list and check off gifts you have purchased or sort the ones you still have to

Christmas advent calendar 2010 (android) – 25 amazing apps for Android and every day one is made available for free

Christmas tree live (android) – It is fully customizable with four different options including, Christmas Tree, Snow, Lights and Sparkling

Talk, Santa Talk – three simple buttons gives users control over Santa. By touching his belly, the jolly big man will dance or shake his bell, just to name a few of his talents! Tickle his nose to check out more adorable, engaging Santa motion.

What are your favourite Christmas websites and apps? Add it to the list and let’s share the joy around….

To listen to this week’s 6PR segment click here

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