Cheap is the new chic – what’s in store for 2011

January 5, 2011

Herald Sun Wednesday 5th January 2011 Page 17

In this morning’s Herald Sun me and 4 fellow futurists talked about what we saw ahead for 2011 and what we believe is on the way up and what’s on the way down.

I’m not sure how my down list included plastic surgery, but the others all sound like stuff I said.

The other striking thing for me is the underlying sense of austerity and negativity that the others believe we are heading into – you know that’s never the way I roll.

I have seen and experienced too many examples of people achieving extraordinary things regardless what the rest of the marketplace was doing or feeling and likewise seen people fail when everyone else around them prospers.

Optimism and good fortune are not gained through lottery prizes or luck, nor are they set by prevailing market conditions; they are won by hard work and a continual dogged focus on what your future has to be, with you living it out right now, as if your future were already your past.

The skill with reading this and all other lists is to find your breadcrumb innovation, the ideas and ah-ha moments that lets you see an opportunity, where all others seem to be blind.

Anyway here’s to an incredible 2011, may it overflow with Breadcrumb innovations and exceed your wildest expectations of it.