Teach it forward

Those entering the workforce today will have 6 distinct careers and 13 jobs. 60% of the work and tasks they will be doing in their 50 years career have not yet been invented. 30% of them will be working remotely using technology that has not yet been invented.

If tomorrow’s world offers a constant feast of change, new professions, tasks, work-styles and places then it doesn’t make sense to keep teaching our children only about old professions, work styles and methods.

That’s not to say that that what we were taught is not necessary, it is. But what we were taught was perfect for an employment world of career and employment certainty.

Today’s’ classrooms needs to go beyond the 3R’s to teach tomorrow’s leaders how to continuously problem solve, work collaboratively, work globally and seize opportunity.

In today’s radio segment Jason Jordan of Perth’s 6PR and I chatted about tomorrow’s education, the use of technology in the classroom, building classrooms of tomorrow and what new jobs lie ahead.

Listen to this weeks segment now:

and listen each Sunday at 4.40 p.m. (WST)

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