Personal jet packs and supersonic travel

November 20, 2011

For a cool $100,000 you can soon buy your own jet-pack, only catch is that it only works over the water and has a 30 foot chord that tethers you to a small boat that travels behind you, but it is the iconic jet pack that many people associate as a symbol of having arrived in the future.

Whilst this is going on the United States this week trialled its newest hypersonic weapon that travels at five (5) times the speed of sound and makes it possible to launch a missile from anywhere on our planet and for it to arrive anywhere else on the planet within one (1 hour). This technology, used for military purposes leaves me cold, but used for commercial travel allowing us to travel from Melbourne Australia to London England in one (1) hour excites me.

This is where I always quote the great sage Maxwell Smart (Control’s Agent 86) when he said if only he had used his genius for niceness and not evilness.

These stories and the invention of the worlds lightest material being unveiled, made of tiny hollow metallic tubes arranged into a micro-lattice, that weighs in at 100 times lighter than Styrofoam, made up this weeks discussion between Perth 6PR’s Jason Jordan and myself as we look at what’s happening now, that may shape tomorrow.

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