Travel Extraordinaire

March 28, 2012

George Jetson lives, well almost.

This new drive / fly incarnation is one of the most oft questions get I asked, will be available for sale at this year’s New York auto show and for a deposit of $10,000 you can reserve yourself one.

If that isn’t enough Mercedes Benz is working on a prototype invisible car ; Google is perfecting the driverless car and Japan’s Obayashi Corporation is working on an elevator that will take you up to your local space station – so all in all tomorrow’s travel choices are set to change.

These are just a few of the stories Adelaine, Clem and I chatted our way through in this week’s ABC Radio Australia’s Future Tech segment.

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The Future is nearer than you think

March 25, 2012

Invisible army tanks, flying cars, space elevators and artificial meat were all part of this week’s FutureTech segment on Perth radio’s 6PR with Jason Jordan and me.

This nostalgic look at tomorrow’s more unusual stuff was our way of closing off another year of summer radio.

Thanks Perth and I’m looking forward to returning for my 8th season in mid October 2012.

Dial your tattoo

March 21, 2012

Tattoos that buzz your skin when you’ve got an incoming phone call; that monitors your body’s vital signs 24/7 and bendable electronic plastic sheets that will cover and protect your heart, brain and other vital organs were all part of this weeks FutureTech segment on ABC Radio Australia with guest presenter Artan Jama and myself.

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We know what you’re doing online

March 18, 2012

Web based email usage is down 31% amongst 12-17 year olds and up 15% amongst 45-54 year olds.

Our thirst for health related information made it the fastest rising search category in 2011 up 134%, followed closely by online retail up 87%.

The average person online spends 7.05 hours per month in FaceBook, 2.51 hours in tumblr, 1.3 hours in Pinterest and 25 minutes in Twitter.

These insights, as well as why we’re using homeless people as portable Mi-Fi hot spots and the decline of the printed encyclopedia and what that means for future knowledge quests were all part of this weeks FutureTech segment with Jason Jordan and Morris Miselowski on Perth radio 6PR.

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The fount of wisdom

March 14, 2012

With the demise of Encyclopedia Brittanica this week, it left Adelaine Ng of Radio Australia and I to ponder where and what information search might be like into the future.

We all know that there is an exponential growth in our desire to find stuff out.

Where once the encyclopedia and printed reference book was the fountain of all knowledge (and what every one of my school and university assignments were based on), we now prefer our knowledge to be accurate, as of this moment and accessible where and when we need it.

So, it’s not the quest for knowledge that has died, it is merely the format.

My concern is that there are 3 levels of “knowing” – information, knowledge and wisdom and that for many people the first page of answers that come up after an online search are likely to be as far as they go in trying to find the answer.

To me this is just “information” and we’re drowning it.

We need to push ourselves to convert this information into knowledge and then refine it even further into wisdom.

This is where tomorrow’s businesses and professionals will succeed, thrive and create their unique point of value.

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