The year 2100 is 88 years away and just as close as the year 1922. How far have we come in the last 88 years and how far might we travel in the next, that’s the discussion I had this morning with Belinda King of ABC Radio Northern Tasmania.

In 2100 we are projected to have a world population of between 10 billion and 15.9 billion people (United Nations projections).

How will we feed, water, clothe and house this huge population?

How long will we live? 120 -150 years plus?

How will we work? What will we do and how long will we work?

What will medicine offer us? Will we have tamed cancers, Alzheimer’s, MS?

Will we be routinely printing (aka bioprinting) spare body parts for ourselves?

So many questions raised, some hypothesis made, but what do you think the world will be like 88 years from now?

Have a listen now and let me know your predictions.


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