How do we feed 9.7 billion hungry mouths?

heros_02_future_farming_600pxBy 2050 we will have added 2.5 billion people to our planet (up from 7.07 billion currently to a projected 9.7 billion in 2050) one of the biggest questions around coping with this huge growth is how will we be able to feed and water everyone?

In this weeks segment David Dowsett of ABC Radio Wide Bay and I chat about the Future of Farming and the innovations that may be ahead to help us cope, including laboratory grown meat; synthetic foods; growing crops with no water or salt water; the change a growing middle class in developing nations may have on our food supply and demands; growing crops in cities; vertical gardens grown in purpose-built skyscrapers; box gardens and the rise and rise of farming robots.

Have a listen now and share your thoughts on the Future of Farming and Food supply.

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