What may 2013 bring us?

December 27, 2012

2013_TrendsIn this morning’s extended interview on ABC Radio Australia’s Breakfast Show we take a look at my 2013 trends foresight’s to debate what they may mean for us, our lives, our society, religion, medicine, economies, culture, technology and business.

Take a listen now (23 minutes) and let me know what you think and click here for a complete list of my 2013 trend foresight’s:

Christmas around the world

December 25, 2012

santa onlineAt this time of year many of us are thinking about our loved ones that are gathering around us, the egg-nog, serious amounts of food and Christmas merriment we’re going to have, but for others it’s a time of isolation and distant memories.

This Christmas morning on ABC Radio Australia we chat about how to use technology to have a bit of fun on Christmas and how stay digitally connected to love ones across the planet, and why it may be a very good second best, when you can’t get the real thing.

Take a listen now:

Santa OnLine

December 21, 2012

xmasLove this time of year, when we get to use technology and the digital world for pure fun as we track Santa, across the sky, take a look at what’s going on at north pole, learn the words and tunes to our favourite Christmas carols, send each other elf video cards and generally go crazy.

In this weeks Christmas segment Nicole Dyer of ABC Local Brisbane and I chatted our way through all things Christmas and even took a quick sneak peek under the Christmas tree, to see what trends Santa is bringing us in 2013.

Good Morning 2013

December 18, 2012


I had a hoot this morning on Channel 7’s The Morning Show with Larry and Kylie chatting about my top food, fashion, drinks and social trends for 2013.

Click on the link below to watch and be sure to let me know what trends you think will be big in 2013:

Aged Care for the Young At Heart

December 14, 2012

DSC_9973The Future of Aged Care is such a big topic, if for no other reason 1 in 4 of Australian’s are going to be in the Age Care demographic in the next 25 years.

Robots and stay at home technology is going to play a big part in this future and this week I took Clare Brady of Channel 7’s Today Tonight on a virtual tour of how this might look in a decade or two, these were her take-aways from our chat:

“Waiting in the wings are robots washing hair to replace human hairdressers; and for more independence in the home, elderly people will soon have robots that remember faces, where you put your glasses and how you like your tea.

Futurist Morris Miselowski is convinced the sorts of inventions seen in Hollywood films like ‘Robot and Frank’ aren’t the stuff of fantasy. He says seniors’ mornings will never be the same again when homes come equipped with elite sensors.

“If it senses anything untoward – so if we normally get up at 9am but we’re not up yet – it will shake the pillow, rock the bed, draw the curtains to let in light. Then, if you don’t get up, it will phone somebody,” Miselowski said.

“When you’re in the bathroom it will monitor your vital signs, take sugar tests out of your urine, breath test you, and in the mirror it will check your complexion. it’s quite incredible (and it’ll happen) in the next ten to fifteen years.”

It’s a real challenge as in 40 years one in four Australians will need some form of care and will be living, on average, well beyond 100.”

Watch this segment now:

What’s not going to here in 2050

December 13, 2012

Obsolete-StampHow will we ever live without toilet paper, cars we drives, television sets, computers, oil, the post office and credit cards, just some of today’s everyday things that we might not see in 2050.

In this fun chat with Tony McManus of 6PR Perth radio we looked at what today’s necessities are that might not be here in 30 years and also took a tonne of listeners calls on what they wanted gone by then.

Have a listen now and let me know what you think will be obsolete by 2050.

Future Gazing for 2013

December 12, 2012

whats-aheadInsiders knowledge of what lies ahead is the holy grail for many businesses decision makers. If we could only know in advance what’s likely to sell, what marketplace demands there will be, what new technology is just over the horizon and what the world is likely to want and be like are just some of the constant burning issues we look for answer to.

Over the last 3 decades I have tried to answer these questions for my clients and audiences not by crystal balls and guessing, but by carefully and methodically researching, analysing and hypothesising the horizon and beyond.

In this weeks segment David Dowsett of ABC Local Radio Queensland and I chatted about my top predictions for 2013 and the implications and ramifications they may have.

Have a listen now: