Are we part of each others future? – I’m looking to hire or collaborate

help wantedThe world is evolving and so am I.

I am looking to build on my successes and reputation as a Business Futurist ( to expand my foresight and innovation keynotes, workshops and consulting offerings and to do it I need to employ or collaborate with fresh eyes and new thinking.

I’m not fixed on the job titles of the person I may employ, or the sorts of companies or associations that I may collaborate with, but we’ll know there’s possibility and synergy when we speak.

The skill sets that I need are in three main areas:

Firstly, someone to find and secure new opportunities across traditional and digital world’s

Secondly, someone who I can co-create or collaborate with who already has synergistic or complementary services, workshops, and consulting offerings, or works with similar clients and wants to extend their horizons;

Thirdly, the wild card – anyone who sees an opportunity where a Business Futurist can add value to what they already have, offer or want to achieve.

This open call is exactly that. There are endless opportunities and possibilities in tomorrow’s brave new world and I’d love to explore them with other like-minded innovative entrepreneurial practitioners.

Whether my wish list is fulfilled by one person or a band of a few or many. Whether you become a joint venture partner; full or part time employee; receive a commission; work remotely, or whatever other work or engagement arrangements you’d prefer is all up for discussion.

The most important thing is to start the conversation, so:

with your thoughts on how we might profitably and innovatively take each other into the future.


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