Who said TV is bad for you?

July 29, 2013


It’s amazing how many of today’s ordinary technology, started their life as an extraordinary prop in a book or television show.

This week ABC Wide Bay’s David Dowsett and I took a look at the top 10 innovations that were first seen in the 1960’s Sci-Fi series Star Trek and now probable, possible and in many cases ordinary.

1. Mobile phones
2. Warp speed
3. Transporter beams
4. Tractor beams
5. Replicators
6. 3D medical holograms
7. Medical tricorders
8. Holodecks
9. Cloaking devices
10. Friendly androids / robots

Take a listen now and let me know which Sci-Fi or movie innovation you’re still waiting for.

Tourism needs to be more Social

July 17, 2012

If you’re going to ask me what the tourism industry needs to do to keep improving, then part of the answer has to be to get more social.

At this week’s Tasmanian Tourism conference I outlined that one of the most important things tourism operators can do to remain relevant into the future is to tear down their physical walls and thinking and embrace the virtual world.

If we remain too fixated on our physical product, offering, venue or experience then we are missing a large chunk of an increasing number of tourists needs and that is a combined physical and digital experience.

Take a look at ABC TV interview above to hear more.

The Future of Retail – ABC Radio Local – Nightlife – Monday 17th January

January 17, 2011

Tomorrow’s retail is decidedly different from what we have been used to. The first large format supermarket in Australia launched in the early 1960’s and caused a revolution and an outcry as we questioned what it meant for the local milk bar and strip shopping centres. Fifty years on, replace supermarkets with online shopping and you have the same debate raging.

Leon Compton of ABC radio local’s Nightline program and I take a look at what’s ahead in retail.

Will the rise of online retailing herald the demise of physical stores? How will we be shopping online? How will we be shopping in physical stores? What part will our mobile computers play in the retail experience? What might bricks and mortar retail stores need to do if they are going to survive? and what’s ahead on the Australian retail horizon.

This, plus caller questions and more, make up this lively and far reaching on-air tour into the future of retail.

Listen now

Radio ABC – Alan Brough – The Future of Banking

October 4, 2009

future of bankingI love catching up with Alan Brough on radio ABC on a Sunday morning. This week we talked about the Future of Banking including: will we need banks into the future; are physical credit cards and money finished; peer to peer banking and micro loans, biometric security, nano technology in bank notes and so much more; so sit back, click below and listen in to this live recording.

Radio ABC International – Today Show

September 25, 2009

sidewikiClick below to listen to this weeks live recorded segment where in-studio Zulifikar, Adelaine and Morris Miselowski discuss Google new side wiki, Picasa gets face recognition, 12Seconds launches new iPhone app, my website of the week: www.jingproject.com and fabrics that fight germs and find explosives as well as crosses to Singapore to speak with Jeremy and Hong Kong to catch up with Phil, and listen to hear last weeks studio gremlins make a brief appearance. Recorded live 25 Sept 09

ABC International – Today Show

September 11, 2009

beatles This weeks segment on radio ABC International Today Morris , Adelaine and Phil discuss the recent release of the re-digitised Beatles albums, with Phil insisting we take a quiz to see if we can tell the difference, talk about the Beatles playing in your lounge room, before going across to Hong Kong and speaking with Phil Whelan, Radio RTHK Hong Kong about living to 120, medical advances in aging, rideshare, taking more Beatles quiz’s and much more and the word of the week is cormorant. Recorded live 11 September 2009.

ABC International Radio – Tech Spot 24 July

July 24, 2009

gallery_iphoneIn this weeks segment we chat about Amazon.com’s acquisition of Zappos.com for $847 million (who I think is one of the best online retailers of all time), Britain’s National Gallery offering its art on the iPhone, Microsoft announcement that windows 7 is finished cooking, before finsihing up with a discussion of the Tech jobs that cloud computing will eliminate over the next decade and what are the jobs of the future?

ABC International Radio – Tech Spot – 17 July

July 17, 2009

teenagerIn this weeks segment we chat about Apple’s touch screen netbook to launch in October (the worst kept industry secret), China to get the iPhone without WI Fi and Microsoft takes on Google Office with its own free online offering and retail stores, before exploring a UK teenagers ad hoc handwritten comment of what he thinks of social media and who is actually using it – and here’s a clue it’s not him or his friends.

Radio ABC Interview – Budget 09 – The Perspective of a Business Futurist

May 13, 2009

wayne swan Pretty much a no surprise budget.

Interestingly the retirement age is increased from 2023 to 67, given that we will have 4 million people aged over 65 in Australia by then, rising to 5.5 million over the age of 65 by 2050 we have to start to address this issue today.

I have often spoken about the reality that we are all destined to live and work longer and the government has now finally sanctioned it. This will mean huge changes in our society, workforce, health sector and more, are we ready? – nope, but perhaps this wake up call we need to start the debate.

I though it also strange that the Australia Tax Office is getting $70.9 million to ensure we cough up our dues, and $100.1 million to help us if we can’t – does this seem like tautology.

The innovation and education spending are welcomed, but I’m one of those saying give me more and give me details.

Also loved the bit about us coming out of the recession in about 2 years with 4.5% growth and then followed by 10 years of solid growth – I’m the eternal optimist, but if we’ve learnt anything from the past it’s that the economic cycle of boom and bust (yes I know that’s a crude way of describing it) doesn’t last 10 years.

Anyway the rest of my thoughts are in this post budget review ABC radio interview…

Business Futurist Morris Miselowski whacks us on the head

May 12, 2009

brakafst_clubHe’s actually not a crystal ball gazer, but a man who predicts what companies and countries need to do to become more relevant in the future. Here he gives the Breakfast Club his ideas for what should be in the Australian budget tonight. – Phil Kafcaloudes, Host of ABC Radio’s The Breakfast Club.

I don’t know what got into me in this interview, but before I knew it I was up on my soap box tearing into the Australian education system and lack of government innovation – anyway let me know how you feel?