Print yourself a spare heart

August 15, 2012

We are on the cusp of a revolution in the way we produce products, goods and even human organs and it’s all wrapped up around the notion of 3D printers.

Radio Australia’s Clement and I in our regular segment took a look at where this brave new world is headed and what it may mean for industries and professions of tomorrow.

How about printing yourself a dinner with prototype food printer Cornucopia

How about printing your home?

and something even nearer and dearer to our hearts, the printing of human bones and organs:

This is a technology that will be a game changer, within the next 5 years will become increasingly normal and within the decade will be as common as the office printer.

Listen in to our segment now:

We’re all getting older

August 1, 2012

Today’s kids will live to 120 years of age and many of today’s Baby Boomers will live well into their 90’s, with well being the key word.

The role and purpose of aged care is changing dramatically, moving away from a traditional institutional model to a bright new shiny “hotel” approach, as well as a huge industry growing around the cutting edge of providing at home services assisting people to remain at home as long as possible.

In this week’s segment on ABC’s Radio Australia I chat with Clem and Adelaine about in-home technology assistance that constantly monitors your in-home activities to ensure you are well and maintaining your daily routine.

It tracks and assesses your movements, eating habits, taking of medicines and your completion of daily chores and where it sees deviation away from these, or you have fallen or in need of assistance, it triggers a range of pre determined responses including calling for help and getting you and the home ready to accept assistance.

Residential Aged Care is also set for an evolution with great nurses and doctors assisted by robots, constant medical monitoring devices, head up display goggles that gives them access to all their patients medical records; and dementia specific assistance robots.

On the edge of this we finished our segment by taking a quick look at bio-technologies that allow us to print human arteries, hips and bodies part.

All in all we are set to live longer, remain healthier and have far more options for what aging and aged care means and how we approach it and manage it.

Listen to the segment now: