Welcome to the Gold Coast

August 13, 2012

What does education need to provide to meet tomorrow’s societal and business needs, was to have been the topic of the morning between Nicole Dyer of 91.7 ABC Coast FM and myself , but as always we got diverted and this time into a discussion on the Future of Funerals and Cemeteries after a keynote I gave on the Gold Coast over the weekend.

This led us to chat about our changing cultural views around death and memorialisation, not morbid I promise and how technology is being used to remember the dead, pay honour to them and unite a physical and digital family in their time of need.

We did eventually get on to education and aged care and the changes ahead for both.

All in all a great segment. Lot’s of food for thought and I look forward to catching up with Nicole at 9.30 a.m. on the first Monday of each month to chat about what’s happening in the FUTURE.

Listen to the segment now: