Print yourself a spare heart

August 15, 2012

We are on the cusp of a revolution in the way we produce products, goods and even human organs and it’s all wrapped up around the notion of 3D printers.

Radio Australia’s Clement and I in our regular segment took a look at where this brave new world is headed and what it may mean for industries and professions of tomorrow.

How about printing yourself a dinner with prototype food printer Cornucopia

How about printing your home?

and something even nearer and dearer to our hearts, the printing of human bones and organs:

This is a technology that will be a game changer, within the next 5 years will become increasingly normal and within the decade will be as common as the office printer.

Listen in to our segment now:

Morris’s Key Note Social Media Address to SELLEN

May 21, 2009

sellen logo

On my return visit to SELLEN (South East Local Learning & Employment Network) I discussed what I see ahead for business over the next 5 -10 years and got to overview the social media phenomenon, what it is, how to make sense of it, how to “do it”, how to make money out of it and how others are doing it.

Sit back and listen to this live unedited 1 hour 22 minute presentation and question time (the audio file below takes about 1 minute to load up before it starts – so it’s not you, it’s the computer – but as they say all good things come to he (or she) who waits).

3AW’s Denis Walter and Morris Miselowski discuss the Future of the Home – Part 2.

January 21, 2009

In his regular segment Denis and Morris pick up from last weeks segment to discuss again the Future of the Home, and trends in house building over the next decade including house gadgets, electronics, claytronics and listeners questions. Recorded live at the Australian Tennis Open 21 January 2009.