13 trends for 2013

December 3, 2012

Tablet PC computer with 2013 New Year counterIn 2013 we will see an Australian election that is bound to slow business down and the economy for a couple of months. We will see Europe and America continue to build a new normal around their economy’s and future as they continue to grapple with the legacies of the past.

We will see a year where innovation will become the buzz-word as we move out of a relatively deep cycle of global negativity and doom and gloom to one where we see possibility and renewed hope.

2013 is only days away and it’s already set to be crammed with innovation, gadgets, new thinking and challenges..

This week Nicole Dyer of ABC Radio Gold Coast and I chatted about my 13 trends for 2013 which include:

1. Big Data – The answers we seek have got to be hidden somewhere amongst all this data that’s we’re drowning in. Internal records, online information, social media chatter, third-party providers, and the list of information sources go on. We know all this stuff is out of there and most probably could be useful, but how do you begin to make sense of it all. Welcome to the next frontier and the next set of tech billionaires. The rush is on for data gold and we will see a slew of one stop digital solutions that offer to make sense of all of your fractured information and turns it into one screen profitable wisdom.

2. Mobile everything – this may sound old and ordinary, but the first mass used smart phone was only 5 years ago and the shift to this becoming our default personal assistant and digital best friend has been quick and taken for granted. As we continue to take great big gulps of digital oxygen from our devices, our addiction will only continue. In this post iPhone era, where our desire for mobile gadgets will be far less brand dependent and more about features and cool and Apple, as cool as it is and was, will start to lose its’ cool.

3. Appy Days – an industry that hardly existed 5 years ago is now mainstream, a viable career choice set to turn over $12 billion next year. It has quickly moved beyond from just being about angry birds and games, to having a serious business side, with these little digital front doors keys poised to be the death knell of traditional websites.

4. Bring It All Together – we want everything now and in one place and that’s exactly what we’re going to get. Much of next year’s innovation will take lots of seemingly disconnected bits and pieces from lots of different places and put them together into one easy to use and purposeful space. The travel app that gives you a true door to door experience, booking you a taxi from home; let’s you know if the plane is on time; checks you in; informs the hotel how far away you are and checks you into the hotel, and guides you to your room when you get there and opens the door for you.

5. NFC – Near Field Communication, or a technical thingy that casts a virtual net from your mobile device to digitally connect you to your surroundings. This one has been in the wings for quite a while and we came close to a launch in 2012, but 2013 is make or break time for it.

6. It’s not rude to point / I know that face – mouse and keyboard – they’re so last century. 2013 is the year of the gesture, face recognition and voice. Every great sci-fi movie has this as a basic staple and now it’s going to become common in an office and living room near you. Mobile devices, ATM’s, cars, homes, TV’s and even fridges will know your face and let you in. Want to change channels on the TV, don’t reach for the remote, just swipe your hand in mid-air.

7. Goggles – 2013 will see the start of a new evolution in personal viewing displays built-in to ordinary looking spectacles. Google and other developers all have versions of the heads up displays buried in glasses due for release in 2013 and although it will take a while for them to come down in price and become mainstream they will find a market.

8. Co Creation – stop doing it on your own. There has been a fundamental shift in management style and business separations in the last decade. One where collaboration and co creation have overtaken control. Business of all sizes are synergistically coming together to achieve common goals and ambitions, sharing resources and talents, but also disbanding and moving on, or having multiple co creative experiences.

9. Chameleon Computers – BYOD aka Bring Your Own Device – one screen multiple uses in multiple places. It’s a work computer by day, a play computer by night and a friend in your handbag when you’re out and about. No it’s not 3 separate devices, it’s just the one device you carry with you everywhere you go and this is newest fad in businesses providing computer hardware to their employees.

10. 3D Printers – need a replacement part for your tractor, but can’t get it delivered for two weeks. No problem, print one out of your very own 3D printer. This love child of Star trek’s “Beam me up scotty” and your old fax machine, is the next big industry and will bring with it a fundamental shift in the way we manufacture, buy, deliver and innovate.

11. Head in the clouds – Our insatiable hunger for 24/7 access to all of our information regardless of where and when we are, has now found a new savior in the heavens. Cloud servers are becoming our preferred and trusted digital storage locker as we move from just storing our emails there to trusting it with our digital lives.

12. Out with the new and in with the old (in a new way) – everything old is new again. In this world of ever-changing “things” we are turning to the past, with a great big dollop of nostalgia, to reinvent what we’ve already had. Expect social media to become ordinary. For Facebook, Twitter and other conversations to become less “full on” and for us to become terribly blasé about all of this. New digital possibilities, apps and businesses will rise to refresh and update traditional offerings. Fashion, food and fun will also receive new twists on old themes as they make their comeback, yet again.

13. IP and Patents are becoming obsolete – First person to market advantage has never been more important than it will become. With the world-changing so quickly and innovative ideas abounding the timing involved in legally locking down ideas, innovations and inventions is becoming less practical and advise from top legal minds seems to be protect your innovation as much as possible, but don’t let it stop you being first to market.

Have a listen now to this month’s FutureTech segment and let me know what you think will be the innovation highlights of 2013

ABC International Radio – Tech Spot 24 July

July 24, 2009

gallery_iphoneIn this weeks segment we chat about Amazon.com’s acquisition of Zappos.com for $847 million (who I think is one of the best online retailers of all time), Britain’s National Gallery offering its art on the iPhone, Microsoft announcement that windows 7 is finished cooking, before finsihing up with a discussion of the Tech jobs that cloud computing will eliminate over the next decade and what are the jobs of the future?

Morris’s top ten business predictions for 2008

December 25, 2007

2008 is going to be an extraordinary year for Australian business, one of on going change across most business fronts.

This is in line with my belief that we have experienced more change in the last 2 years than in the previous 20 years and that in the next 10 years we will experience the equivalent of 100 years of change.

Our marketplace is becoming savvier; customers want more involvement in the product and service you provide them. Staff will be harder to find and you’ll have to work harder to keep them.

In my regular look in to the future (eight out of ten of my predictions came to fruition in 2007) I see the following ten (10) trends and issues will be key influencers on business in 2008:

1.          Rise and rise of on line business networking – as on line social network sites including myspace, Facebook, youtube and others have become mainstream communication forums for individuals; watch for this trend to invade the business environment as business learns to share and communicate with the broader public and amongst itself and also uses this space to reduce the cost of business to business development.

2.         Continuing tight labour market – employers are going to find it increasingly difficult to attract new employees and are going to be working harder to keep those they have. Interstate and worldwide employee searches will begin to become mainstream. Mergers of companies that can share these scarce resources will increase. 

3.         Nanotechnology is building – the use of nanotechnology to engineer new products is the new holy grail. With current innovations including self cleaning glass, better sunscreens, paint that continuously washes cars and more, look out for the beginning of a new frontier of business opportunities.

4.          At least one more year of economic expansion. We haven’t seen a recession in Australia for 16 years and next year is not going to be the year to change that, but the second half of next year will start to show a slowdown in our economy and nerves will begin to be frayed. Let’s watch China to see how they deal with their economy, rather then America, for the clues.           

5.          Climate change and water scarcity will continue to be key drivers for business discussion, decision making and innovation – “green” is destined to be the business mantra for 2008. 

6.          Prevention before cure – advances in the treatment of diseases and ailments will continue to surface in 2008 as we begin to see the pay off for the Genome project (DNA) and move ever closer to a medical age where the focus will be on “prevention” rather than “cure”. 

7.         The dawn of Cloud Computing – 2008 will be the year that we migrate to work and collaborate on-line with the growing rise and rich variety of on-line computer software that is fast replacing the software that we have historically bought from retail outlets. 

8.         Web and phone will merge – the world will begin to be all pervasive, where once phone calls followed us around everywhere, we will now be totally immersed in communication and information wherever we are – using sophisticated mobile devices (CarryAlongs) to watch TV, send and receive emails, remote access our office computers, surf the net, guide us to destinations, video conference the kids, post to blogs, take photos and even make old fashioned phone calls. 

9.         The keyboard and mouse are dinosaurs – we will be less dependant on keyboards and mice as we move to touch screens, voice and other input devices. 

10.       Household robots move in – household robots will begin to capture our imagination as more devices come to market. These will mostly be small single chore low level devices that will sweep, mow, order groceries, wash, or order take away food.