The evolution and revolution of retail

November 16, 2011

Retail is going through an evolution on the back of a revolution.

In line with the rest of the planet and on the back of the internet, retail is going through its awkward teenager like years full of pimples, self doubt and uncertainty about tomorrow and what may be ahead.

Like a typical prepubescent the 10 years prior to the economic downturn many retailers were full of self importance, saw themselves as invincible and the centre of attention.

Come the economic downturn, consumers had less to spend and became very determined to spend it wisely.

The days of spending excess are in hiatus. Retailers have to work hard now to prove their worthiness to us and many couldn’t and can’t.

Mixed into this backdrop is the evolution of online shopping; the growing number of online shopping business models, sites and opportunities and hey presto we have a new retail environment growing out of the virtual ground.

These two factors, what’s in it for the consumer and what retail might evolve into are the topic for this weeks discussion between ABC Radio Australia’s Adelaine Ng and myself as we explore the evolution and revolution of retail.

Listen now:

What’s your customer thinking about in 2009

March 12, 2009

customer_strategy_forecastDownload a copy of “The Forecast” an industry sector-by-sector guide to the strategies organisations will need now and in the future to gain a greater understanding of their customers’ needs during these tough times and to be in the best possible place for when the recovery comes.

Industries include: Leisure and Tourism, Public Sector, Automotive, Services, Telecoms, Utilities, Transport and Retail – a great insight into how these industries might evolve, and even though it’s UK centric, there are still great universal learning’s.

Click on the link below to download.