We know what you’re doing online

March 18, 2012

Web based email usage is down 31% amongst 12-17 year olds and up 15% amongst 45-54 year olds.

Our thirst for health related information made it the fastest rising search category in 2011 up 134%, followed closely by online retail up 87%.

The average person online spends 7.05 hours per month in FaceBook, 2.51 hours in tumblr, 1.3 hours in Pinterest and 25 minutes in Twitter.

These insights, as well as why we’re using homeless people as portable Mi-Fi hot spots and the decline of the printed encyclopedia and what that means for future knowledge quests were all part of this weeks FutureTech segment with Jason Jordan and Morris Miselowski on Perth radio 6PR.

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The world, in pictures, according to me

February 26, 2012

The latest online push is into personal curation and the hottest way to do it is through pictures.

Over the last few years we’ve had FaceBook, twitter, myspace, tumblr, blogs, fouresquare and thousands of other sites through which to publish the world according to me in words, well look out there is a whole new look coming to social media communication and it’s also the next big brand name we’ll all know – Pinterest.

It allows Pinterestians to make up visual boards full of pictures, photos, cuttings from websites and elsewhere and then publish these themed boards out to their community’s.

Since being launched in March 2010 it has gained over 12 million unique users and achieved an average over the past few months of 11 million visits per week, making it the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark (exceeding Facebook, Twitter and all others).

This and other visual and personal curation sites including Path and the revamped FaceBook timeline were all part of my segment this week with Jason Jordan on Perth radio’s 6PR.

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till Facebook us do part – 6PR Big Weekend – FutureTech Segment – 5 December 2010

December 5, 2010

Facebook is being blamed for 1 in 4 divorces in the United States and in our in-depth comical discussion we seek to find out why and perhaps that it’s not Facebook that’s causing divorces, but people – ah if only they would use it for niceness instead of evilness (Maxwell Smart circa 1960).

Ted Bull of 6PR and I then go onto to travel through Lonely Planet’s and Google’s top tourist destinations for 2010 and those predicted for 2011 and work our way through some really interesting travel apps and websites – ah, where’s the holodeck when you really need it ?1?.

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6PR Big Weekend – FutureTech Segment – 3 October 2010

October 3, 2010

It’s not evil, it’s FaceBook! Ted Bull of Perth radio’s 6PR and I kick off our discussion this week with a look at what FaceBook is and what it’s not.

My constant message is that FaceBook and all social media are opt in and a conscious deliberate choice you make. You’re only in it if you want to be and the other big caveat is never to say anything online that you wouldn’t shout out at your local market.

Having said that, Social Media and FaceBook are just the newest form of communication on steroids.

It is the modern day version of the radio, the fax machine, the mobile phone. Each and every one of them was considered evil in its day and despite them being invented and supported by the devil we have survived and thrived using them.

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6PR Big Weekend – FutureTech Segment – 26 September 2010

September 26, 2010

Ted Bull

Rise and rise of YouTube, iPad, Apps, Amazon sells 1.8 eBooks to every hardcover and why FaceBook is not at all evil were just some of the topics that Ted Bull and I chatted about as we reviewed the past six months of what’s happened since the weekend show went on its winter break.

But it’s summer now and FutureTech is back for its fourth (4th) year as a weekly segment on Perth’s 6PR Big Weekend program – ah, it’s good to back.

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FaceBook’s view on privacy

May 27, 2010

Have a listen to FaceBook’s response to the security concerns that seem to be plaguing them lately and also a look at CNET’s tour of how to navigate and set your new FaceBook privacy settings and let me know where you sit on this and the join in on the debate with Joe DEE founder of the Quit FaceBook Day as he joins us on my FutureTech segment on ABC Australia this morning @ 11.20 (Aust EST) to continue the conversation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "FaceBook on privacy", posted with vodpod

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "facebook secuirty settings – hot to", posted with vodpod

Radio ABC – Future Tech Segment – 19 February 2010

February 19, 2010

Discussions abound this week as Phil, Adelaine and I caught up to discuss cars powered by the material they are covered with; online privacy issues including a recent American court ruling that allowed a student to return to school after being suspended for writing negative comments about her teacher on FaceBook and the court upholding that the student had the 1st amendment right to speak her mind.

PleaseRobMe was next up as we worked through a site that brings together online messages where the author declares they are out and about and not at home.

The purpose the site creators claim is to bring attention to the amount of possibly harmful information that we tell the world about ourselves – my comment der (never put on line what you wouldn’t shout in an open marketplace), but don’t we as consumers of this information have to take some responsibility for using this info for niceness and not evilness. They’re not wrong in their underlying warning, I just hope it doesn’t stop the technology which has beneficial meaningful purpose.

Gremlins in the ABC wiring meant we couldn’t cross to Hong Kong despite many valiant attempts, so we just kept on and covered a really interesting new website – ChatRoulette – it generates 1 on 1 webcam connections between you and another randomly chosen user. Fascinating story and use of technology and invented by a 17 year old Russian teenager.

All this, word of the day competition, laughs, lots of technical gremlins and great conversations.

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Radio ABC International – Today Show – Future Tech Segment

October 23, 2009

Get paid to travel the world for a year, the sexiest mouse ever, streaming music, whose spending 8 billion minutes per day on FaceBook, a live cross to segments with Singapore and Hong Kong radio and even an interview with Ian Moss (formerly of Cold Chisel) talking about his new CD “Soul on West 53rd Street” is only some of what Phil Kafcaloudes and Morris Miselowski got up to in today’s weekly Future Tech segment. Recorded live 23 October 2009. Listen live every Friday at 12.15 p.m. (Aust EST)

Virtual Reality – the 6PR interview

September 19, 2009

300-million-usersIn this semi regular spot Morris catches up with Jason Jordan of Perth’s radio 6PR to discuss FaceBook’s 300 million online users,the future of social networking and the rise of virtual reality. Recorded live 19 September 2009.

ABC International – Today Show

September 18, 2009

virtual-reality-3Click below to listen to this weeks segment where in-studio mayhem rules and gremlins abound. Something was definitely in the air in the studio this week as we set out on another futuristic segment discussing tech and what’s ahead. Connections were lost, earphones echoed and behind the scenes well… despite all of this we caught up with Jeremy in Singapore and spoke about Google getting into book printing and Social networks replacing email, returning to the studio for more recent news and then heading off to Phil in Hong Kong to meander through facebooks announcing its cash flow positive with 300 million users per month online, virtual reality, twitterers being twits, and lots of laughs along the way, all in all despite the glitches a great segment. Recorded live 18 Sept 09