Everything old is futuristic again

October 2, 2013

recordsVinyl record sales are up 70% this year and this prompted Belinda King of Radio ABC Tasmania and I to take a nostalgic look at the future to explore what other past trends are making a comeback.

Nostalgia and authenticity are two of my 13 trends for 2013 and they usually are a response to tougher economic times as we harken back to the romantic periods in our life and try and herald their return by surrounding ourselves with modern twists on their physical manifestations.

Current clothing trends fit into this with much of today’s fashion styling being influenced by 1920’s Gatsby era and the 1950’s / 1960’s. Vintage clothes stores are on the rise. Modern twists on the good old hamburgers, milkshakes and fries as well as “honest” cooking and cooking at home are all rising big in the world of food and restaurants.

These trends will be with us for the next year or so and behind it is a softening of technology envy, for most of us we’re over the gadget being the most important thing, as evidenced by the recent more sedate hysteria around the iPhone 5C and 5S launch, and instead we are looking for “hyperpersonalised” experiences these devices can offer us.

Have a listen to this segment and let me know what nostalgic period you would like to bring back and why.

Radio ABC – FutureTech Segment – 12 March 2010

March 12, 2010

Blogging and great mobile device apps started our discussion this week between ABC Radio Australia’s Phil and Adelaine, guest Danny Gorog and me.

One of Danny’s favourite apps (and mine) is TuneIn Radio a great little paid app that lets you listen to radio from around the world, the other is a fitness related app that uses GPS to track speed, distance and more.

HK3 Hong Kong radio joined our discussion on a wrap up of the CeBit show in Hanover Germany which included 3D hologram cystal balls, new mobile phone designs, features and gizmos including glasses that plug into your mobile device to let you watch movies on the go, dual sim card phones and a whole lot of 3D devices that are springing up on everything technological.

We continued on to chat about future food trends which are moving towards health and nutrition as well as the environment with increasing interest in ancient grains, gluten free beer and organic alcohol all set to rise in popularity.

On line gaming also came up with OnLive, a soon to be launched streaming game provider, talking about knocking off traditional game consoles as the preferred method of on line play.

All this, Google blue dots, word of the week, great conversation and guests made for another busy segment of FutureTech.

Listen to this segment now , or listen each Friday at 12.20 p.m. (Aust EST) and join me on Twitter for in between news and views from the future.