Tomorrow’s House and Retail World- 6PR Radio Interview

April 28, 2009

Morris joins the cast on Perth’s 6PR Sunday Cafe and in their maiden discussion he and Brendon Weselman talk about the house of tomorrow, new appliances and gadgets, robots, intuitive living, and how the retail shops will know who you are and what you want as soon as you step through their doors, before talking about Morris’ view on the Australian economy over the next two years. Recorded live 26 April 2009.

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3AW’s Denis Walter and Morris Miselowski discuss the Future of the Home – Part 1

January 14, 2009

In his regular segment Denis and Morris talk about the Future of the Home, and trends in house building over the next decade including: Indoor / Outdoor living, the return of the basement and loft, the death of the living room, the home office and the wireless home. Recorded live 14 January 2009.