Radio ABC – Future Tech Segment – 5 March 2010

March 5, 2010

Forget the mouse, just touch yourself to turn the computer on is where we started this weeks discussion between Phil Kafcaloudes and guest presenters Sally and Phil Wales of RRR’s Byte Into It program.

We then took a look at a newish web tool update – Get Glue – that uses intuitive technology to understand what you’re searching for and then feeds you additional related story links.

Joining us as usual was Phil Whelan of HTK3 radio Hong Kong where we talked about the live auction on eBay for two ghosts in a bottle (really),before chatting about the new reality program on the block “If I Can Dream”., a live webisode program showcasing 5 wannabe talents and their search for fame and work.

All this, great conversations, word of the week competition and as usual some interesting discussions all in this weeks show.

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