Facebook Royalty – Radio 6PR FutureTech Segment – 14 November 2010

November 14, 2010

HRH joins Facebook this week and becomes an instant friend to a 1/4 million loyal subjects is where this weeks segment kicks off before Ted Bull and I take a detour to discuss the future of education, one of my hobby horses and my reality that we need to educate our students to serve their future not our past.

We take a look at tomorrow’s classroom learning needs, online learning, the notion that today’s students will have 6 careers and 14 jobs in their working life and that many of the jobs, tasks and industries they will work in have not yet been invented.

With all this uncertainty, the only thing certain is that it’s up to us to pave the wave for tomorrow’s decision makers, thinkers and leaders and we better get it right.

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