What’s happened to Innovation?

February 14, 2013

gillian o'shaighnessy ABC WA afternoonsI got an on-air call today from Gillian O’Shaughnessy of ABC Radio Perth to ask why inventions are no longer named after their inventors.

What a great question!

Thinking back, Henry F Phillips invented the Phillips screwdriver and screw; Candido Jacuzzi invented the Jacuzzi; William Henry Hoover the hoover vacuum cleaner; Jules Leotard the leotards; Thomas and William Bowler the bowler hat and so on.

The answer lies in a different view to marketing, a different innovation and invention landscape where it’s easier to fund and sell generically named inventions and the growing reality that the ability to think, build, market and sell an idea, product or service now increasingly requires the skill sets of more than just a single inventor.

We also had a quick look at crowdsourcing and crowdfunding sites like kickstarter and pozible to find and collaborate with like minded people that may invest or assist you in bringing your great idea to market.

Have a listen now and let me know your thoughts on the Future of Innovation…

Innovating Innovation

November 7, 2012

In the world of innovation Australia has always punched well above its weight, including producing the first full length movie, cochlear ear implants, hills hoist, pacemaker, in-vitro fertilisation, wine casks and tonnes of others

In our monthly look into the Future, Gold Coast ABC’s Nicole Dyer and I chatted about what inventions we’ve already seen, what we might see ahead, how we will innovate and why innovation is imperative if Australia is going to continue to thrive in the future.

Listen now and let us know what you think is Australia’s greatest innovation and what you’d still like to see invented.

Inventions and Innovations

October 22, 2012

Australia’s future in many ways will be determined by its ability to innovate and invent. Innovate being taking what we already know and doing more or different with it and inventing being to bring about something we have not know before.

Both of these are great and we need to continue our long history of giving the world the Hills hoists, Cochlear implants, airplane black boxes, wine casks, electronic pacemakers and so much more and this morning Belinda King of ABC Radio Tasmania and I chatted about where innovation and invention have come from and where it may be headed.

Listen now and then let me know what you think are Australia’s greatest inventions and innovations and what you think may be ahead.