So, what’s new?

March 5, 2013

SmartHub_MainUI_ArticleI love this question, it’s so open-ended and can lead to such a great discussion and that’s exactly what my friend Jason Jordan and I did last night on one of our regular catchup’s on radio 6PR’s Weeknight’s program.

We took a look at smart televisions, what they are, why they are and is it worth buying one. We then moved on to second screening which is the growing phenomenon of watching one screen (usually your television) and having a second screen (usually your phone or tablet) in your hand.

Google glasses and the rumored Apple iWatch also got some discussion as did the role and impact of technology in culture and society.

A great chat and well worth a listen and after you have, let me know what you think are the big trends, gadgets and technologies ahead.

Foresight lane….

January 3, 2013

2013At this time of year we’re all wondering what might be ahead for us and how the year might shape up.

Jason Jordan of Perth’s 6PR and I took a stroll down foresight lane to see what major trends might be ahead and how we can begin to make sense of them.

Have a listen now:

Which devices is sold more every day, than there are babies born?

January 29, 2012

What else could it be, but the iPhone.

In its 2012 1st quarter sales figures, Apple sold 37.04 million iPhone’s across the planet accounting for 53% of all of its revenue.

More people across the planet now take home new iPhone’s every day (402,000 units per day), than take home human babies (300,000 human births per day).

The figure needs to be seasonally adjusted as it includes Christmas sales, but nevertheless the numbers are huge and the implications for consumer preferences for their tech and connectivity needs even bigger.

In this weeks FutureTech segment Jason Jordan of Perth’s 6PR and I chat about what this means; what technological road we’re going down and where to from here for mobile technology.

Listen now:

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You can believe your eyes…

November 6, 2011

Zombie games players, bank ATM’s, cafes, road signs, train timetables and pictures of friends all flash before your eyes as you walk around your local suburb. No you haven’t gone completely mad, instead you’re using one of the newer kids on the technology block – augmented reality.

Jason Jordan of Perth radio’s 6PR and I chatted this week about turning your smartphones camera into a set of binoculars and pairing it with an app that let’s you find physical locations and people and then be guided on screen right to them.

These kinds of augmented reality apps together with the ability for our mobile technology to know exactly where we are on the planet (aka Geo-Aware) are also showing up in our cars as heads up displays, are being used by surgeons to guide them skillfully through the human body and by the armed forces to walk them confidently through hostile foreign terrains.

Listen to this week’s segment now to see how augmented and virtual reality apps using geoaware smartness are all a part of your mobile future.

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What do you get when you cross a mobile phone and a Doctor?….

September 25, 2011

Australia has 2.5 doctors for every 1,000 people, Uganda has 0.08 for every 1,000 people; America has 2.7, India has 0.6., so how do you cope with 60 people contracting and 1.9 people dying of tuberculosis every minute and 91% of these deaths being in Africa.

Part of the answer is in the most unexpected form of technology – the mobile phone.

The one thing that developing countries increasingly have access to are mobile phones with 71% of Indians and 48.6% of Bangladeshi’s owning mobile phones.

Put this technology in the hands of the right people and attach them to an avalanche of medical tools and resources and you can begin to make a dent in the massive issue.

The UN, World Health Organisation and billions of charitable dollars are being used towards spreading medical assistance through mobile devices to the hitherto near impossible to reach corners of the globe.

This week radio 6PR’s Jason Jordan and I chat about some of the incredible programs and uses for mHealth including playing an onscreen cricket match whilst simultaneously learning about HIV Aids prevention; or feeding your virtual pet as a way to remind you to take your own medicine, or connecting a network of village based basic trained medical providers to a huge network of larger city Doctors and Hospitals.

So the answer to “What do you get when you cross a mobile phone and a Doctor?” is – a cost effective way to spread medical care and knowledge to the most remote and disenfranchised people on our planet.

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It’s good to be back

September 19, 2011

This weeks segment marks my sixth year on 6PR Perth radio and we kicked off with Jason Jordan and I talking about the world of possibilities that exist online and offered through our nearly 7 billion people on this planet.

We chatted about CrowdFunding and the ability to get loans and investors for your projects, ideas and brands. It is the online equivalent of traditional joint venture partners, angel investors or hitting up your family for your great can’t lose world changing business idea.

We also chatted about CrowdIdeas and the growing online industry that let’s you pay other people to do your thinking; before wrapping up talking about that enormous industry of CrowdBuying or buying online.

All in all a great start to the summer season of FutureTech.

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