Mirror, mirror on the retail wall

November 14, 2012

On the back of recent research by the Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS) that found that only 4% of people start shopping in store before eventually purchasing goods on-line and that the majority of shoppers don’t go in store with the intent of buying online, but rather are driven there by poor in-store experiences, I chatted with 6PR’s Tony MacManus about the future of Retail.

We explored magic mirrors that let you try on clothes and accessories in store without getting undressed; at home webcam technology that lets you try on before you buy; mobile phones and tablets that let you navigate around retail spaces to find exactly what you’re looking for and technology that lets you bring in-store your virtual closets or pantry so that you can match what you already have, with whatever you’re looking to buy.

All this will happen in a future retail landscape that will offer a seamless blend of in-store, mobile, and web-based experiences in which retailers and consumers will sell and buy in whichever environment suits them best depending on their immediate situation and needs.

My final message to retailers in this interview was to not overlook the longer term retail revolution that’s happening behind the scenes of the immediately more impactful economic conditions, to do so is to doom your retail store to irrelevance.

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2012’s rising industries

February 5, 2012

This week Jason Jordan of 6PR Perth and I take a look as IBIS World’s annual predictions of the top industries which this year include diamond and gemstone mining, motor vehicle manufacturing, online education, biotechnology and online shopping.

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6PR Big Weekend – FutureTech Segment – On Line Shopping – 10 October 2010

October 10, 2010

With the incredible value of the Australian dollar against the US currency and Christmas just around the corner there has been a huge increase in people shopping online.

This week Ted and I chat about on line shopping, how to do it safely, where to do it and what’s on offer out there.

Here are some of the sites we mentioned:

Australian comparison websites – sites where you can see a range of prices for the same product:

American comparison websites:

Online private clubs – membership based exclusive offers:

Buying groups – join a group and bulk buy online for one item one day only sales:

Shop in America

These are some of the 100,000’s of shopping websites, add yours to the list and let’s share them around.

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