Your brain’s new world

October 11, 2011

Back in the 1950s a cinema in the US tried to push its merchandising efforts by flashing up ‘Eat Popcorn’ and ‘Drink CocaCola’ subliminally through a movie. This sort of advertising is not permitted these days — it probably didn’t work anyway — but advertisers are doing a lot more to influence behaviour using neuroscience.

This could just be the beginning of how marketers and product manufacturers start using our brain. In this edition of BTalk business futurist Morris Miselowski talks about how researchers at the Tel Aviv University have stored some of a brain’s activity on a memory chip. Imagine that, being able to dump part of your brain onto a removable drive. Or plug in the past from someone who has had a more interesting life.

It’s the stuff of science fiction novels, of course, but as we understand more about our brain the more the opportunity arises for products that interface with our brain — like driving your car just by thinking your way through. Morris calls this a brain-machine interface? Where will it all end?

(taken from BTalk)

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Where oh where is Geotagging taking us?

November 1, 2010

Just thirteen months ago the Apple App store had three geo-tagging applications. Today there are around 3,000. It shows how we have become accustomed, very quickly, to involving geography in the way we use the Internet.

In today’s BTalk podcast Phil Dobbie and I ponder whether Geotagging, or devices and applications that know where you are and give you real-time, real-place advice is all a fad that will provide little benefit for businesses and marketers. We also take a look at some examples of how it can be used effectively to promote to your customers and make some money.

So where will all this take us? Phil extracts his pound of flesh by asking me to forecast how this technology will develop over the next few years.

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What’s Crowdsourcing all about?

September 30, 2010

Morris Miselowski's Crowdsourcing Interview on BTalk

What does outsourcing, insourcing and swarming have to do with crowdsourcing? Lots.

Phil Dobbie of BTalk on BNET and I talk about a whole new way of getting things done. If you need an expert or an extra set of hands to perform a task, then crowdsource it.

As you’ll hear, in many cases the crowd is being used to create a solution they ultimately buy — even to the extent of building a motor vehicle. It’s given rise to the term “prosumer”.

BTalk on BNET Episode 591; 11 minutes 12)