Radio ABC – Future Tech Segment – 19 February 2010

February 19, 2010

Discussions abound this week as Phil, Adelaine and I caught up to discuss cars powered by the material they are covered with; online privacy issues including a recent American court ruling that allowed a student to return to school after being suspended for writing negative comments about her teacher on FaceBook and the court upholding that the student had the 1st amendment right to speak her mind.

PleaseRobMe was next up as we worked through a site that brings together online messages where the author declares they are out and about and not at home.

The purpose the site creators claim is to bring attention to the amount of possibly harmful information that we tell the world about ourselves – my comment der (never put on line what you wouldn’t shout in an open marketplace), but don’t we as consumers of this information have to take some responsibility for using this info for niceness and not evilness. They’re not wrong in their underlying warning, I just hope it doesn’t stop the technology which has beneficial meaningful purpose.

Gremlins in the ABC wiring meant we couldn’t cross to Hong Kong despite many valiant attempts, so we just kept on and covered a really interesting new website – ChatRoulette – it generates 1 on 1 webcam connections between you and another randomly chosen user. Fascinating story and use of technology and invented by a 17 year old Russian teenager.

All this, word of the day competition, laughs, lots of technical gremlins and great conversations.

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