The Weekender – 6PR Radio – The Future of Retail

January 3, 2010

Launch of Google’s new Nexus mobile phone and retail stores that recognise you when you walk in, shopping lists that start at home and follow you into the supermarket and beyond, in store magic mirrors that try on clothes for you, talking shelves, electronic purses and much more were just some of the topics that had Perth’s Todd Johnson and Morris Miselowski laughing in this weeks “Future” segment. Recorded live 3rd January 2010.

6PR Radio Interview – Retail Store of the Future

July 24, 2009

PrintIn this segment Morris and Brendon from 6PR’s Sunday Cafe radio show discuss the retail store of the future and Morris’s vision of a retail experience that starts at home, follows you into the store via your mobile phone and in store can personalise the shopping experience for you. What’s ahead over the next decade is an evolution in the way we shop, what we shop for and the shop itself. This segment is a lead up to Retail Expo’s the Retail 2020 Store of the Future exhibition that Morris is curating in Melbourne form the 11th – 13th August 2009