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August 26, 2013

Future-CarsOne of the most often asked questions I get asked is about flying cars and although we’re not quite there yet we are a long way down the road towards getting a whole lot of new shiny cars that do some pretty magic stuff.

On the back of a series of keynotes I delivered in the last month around Australia on cars of tomorrow to automotive roof body’s and a number of large and well know fuel distributors, David Dowsett of ABC radio and I set off on our discussion this week to explore where cars are headed and what fuels we might use in 5, 10, 20 year from now.

Along the way we chatted about how many cars in Australia we have now and in 2020 and the three sorts of cars we are and will be buying in the next decade and my belief that we will not drive cars in 10 years, but rather ride in mobile devices.

Connected cars are already around and becoming a standard for many buyers as they demand to be able to connect up there smart phones and tables and surf the world whilst driving.

We are already starting to get a number of car manufacturers that have gone beyond this with vehicles that park themselves, accelerate, brake, anticipate road conditions and a whole lot of other cool stuff, these are known as semi autonomous cars.

The next big push, due around 2020 are autonomous cars – cars that can drive themselves. Much like an airplane pilot these cars will allow you to hand over the controls of the car to your own on-board digital chauffeur – James. Every car manufacturer on the planet is working toward this goal and the thought is that by 2022,20% of all of the worlds cars will be capable of autonomous driving.

This ushers in a new world of transport and heralds in the beginning of a huge shift in the way we travel, where we travel and when and is set to revolutionize some industry’s, decimate others and even change where and how we live.

Have a listen now and then share your thoughts on the future of the car.