Play School

August 22, 2012

Last week Play School, Australia’s oldest and most watched preschool TV program, ran an episode in which the presenter included social media and tweeting within the segment, causing a storm of controversy.

This was where David Dowsett of ABC Radio’s Wide Bay and I started our chat this week as I pondered why a 2 year old had to be introduced to social media when they know more about it and are more comfortable with it than the presenter, to me it’s the equivalent of showing a child how to turn on the light switch.

We moved on from this to talk about all things educational, the possibility that our children will have 6 careers and 14 jobs and that many of the tasks, jobs and tools they will be doing have not yet been thought of.

If education is going to underpin our journey to becoming the clever country; one that innovates and invents and whose economy relies not only on our mineral and agricultural treasure chests, but on providing and exporting brilliance then we have to pay more attention to our children and start giving them what THEY need and not what we nostalgically want for them.

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